Professional Hedge Trimming in Springfield

AAA lawn and landscaping is a master in hedge trimming, and we can do it for our customers efficiently. Our team can trim hedges to whatever shape is required. We do it with accuracy and precision or cut about any size of hedge. Professional hedge trimming includes small feature hedges to large conifers and other shrubs. We always work closely with our clients to transform any hedge in the garden into a masterstroke.

We Do Trimming For All Types Of Hedges

All hedges need regular care to keep them healthy. Formative hedge pruning requires in the initial years, and later on, maintenance is essential. AAA lawn and landscaping is the best lawn care company for doing the best hedge trimming for all types of hedges.

Our hedge trimming services are available to all types of hedges, such as:


Formative pruning of beech hedges is also required, and late or early summer is ideal for this. Mature beech hedges are cut back in winter.


Young privet hedges require regular trimming throughout the spring and summer seasons.


Formative pruning is required for boxwood at least twice a year, generally either august or September.


Formative pruning requires for this in July or august. You must avoid late pruning because it can be damaged by harsh winter weather.

Evergreen hedges

Trim evergreen hedges in late autumn or early winter. Pruning times vary depending from species to species.

Why Do You Need Hedge Trimming Services?

Attractive Appearance

We don’t want you to overlook the landscaping; the neglected hedge would look unattractive. Our regular professional trimming will keep the hedge neat and healthy.

Blocked views

Varieties of hedges proliferate, and to make the most of your hedges and views; you need to trim and maintain them twice a year. We can guide you on this to make the landscaping more attractive.

Hedge health

Our regular Lawn maintenance & services in Fair Grove will improve the overall health and structure of the hedge. It also helps to add security and privacy to the garden.

Hedge Trimming | Lawn Care Services

AAA Lawn & Landscaping & Maintenance Services

Hedge trimming to keep the edges compact. Formal hedges need more frequent trimming than informal hedges. Our team works on all types of hedges, from conifer to traditional beech. Professionals will help you to get the curb appeal for the beautiful appearance of the garden. Hedge trimming is needed to protect the soil from erosion and reduce noise. Shaping and trimming ensure a suitable shape and remarkable growth for adding value to the home. Growth of shrubs without shaping may cause surrounding grasses. Maintenance services help to bring all the hedges into shape.

We carry out all the aspects of hedge trimming and hedge removal. AAA lawn and landscaping advise hedge maintenance programs with the proper trim, hedge reduction, and removal. We supply new hedges for re-planting from our best suppliers. We take pride in serving customers with the best hedge-trimming service throughout Springfield and its surroundings. We are also giving our best in front yard & Backyard landscaping to our valuable customers.

We know shrub trimming is essential for adding aesthetics to the lawn. Without proper shaping, shrubs can get sprouted in a direction. Professional landscapers are trained and know how to control the proper time to cut the hedges by damaging growth. Shrub trimming requires the assistance of a skilled person. We have years of experience in hedge trimming.

Why Book Us For Hedge Trimming?

When you book us for hedge trimming, we will ask customers for bird nets in hedges. Gardeners need to double-check before getting started with work. Our team will trim hedges according to the requested size and shape. We will take care of all aspects and ensure the best services in the same way as our clients expect from us. The company always hires experts with an extensive background in horticulture and gardening services. We have carried out Lawn care and landscaping services across all industries. You can book us because we are:

  • Fast & Free Quote
  • Tried & trusted professionals
  • Simple procedure for online booking
  • Affordable Services

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